Dannee's Bodywork & Healing
'Feeling Good' all the time is your natural state of being!

Services and Rates

I help people get out of pain.  

It starts on the phone or when I meet you in person. I listen to your words and I feel what you feel - that’s how I get my information. Sometimes our story or life events get stuck in our bodies and we need help releasing it or even re-framing it.  Our work together can take the charge out of the story and help you shift into something that feels better.

In our first session, you will fill out an intake form. Through inquiry, we start to identify the true causes of your physical pain. Then I begin a physical examination, where the body starts to reveal what is being held rigid and tender. Through gentle exploration, we begin the shifting process that starts to unravel the pain.

The packages I offer depend on what you need, and I won’t know that until we meet and you get on the table.

Here are some options:


Single Session

Initial Session (90 minutes) = $125                

*Initial session includes: Consultation/Intake, Treatment, Review

Follow-up Session (50 minutes) = $85


Introductory Package

Initial session (90 minutes) + 2 follow-up sessions (50 minutes) = $265