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"Intuitive touch. Wonderful healer. Kind and genuine. Totally recommend Dannee to everyone interested in healing." ~Essadora Tabbachi~


"Dannee got me in after a weekend car accident. After one visit my blood pressure from the stress and pain of the accident went from 163/89 to 126/73. Dannee has a beautiful soul and a knowledge of the human body. She takes the time to connect, listen, and learn about you. Her specialized techniques put my ribs and dislocated pelvis back into place. I walked out calm, relaxed and feeling like I was never in an accident. True healing powers." ~Don Schmauder~


"Dannee is amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone in any situation!! I went to her after 2 car accidents and months of PT unable to turn my head left to right. I remember so clearly after that first appointment, feeling so much better and being able to actually move my head! After one visit she changed my life! I have not been able to find another healer like her; I am so grateful to her!! She is the absolute sweetest and creates an environment of peace and comfort. I leave every appointment feeling great! She works with you to find a healing style that works for you and gives you exercises and things to work on outside of your appointment. She doesn't just work on the present situation, she helps you work toward not needing to return as often for pain management and shares her knowledge with you. Set up an appointment you won't regret it. Thank you so much Dannee!! You are a light❤️  I am moving away and I wish I could bring you with me!"  ~Kristen S~


"Great experience. She helped with a shoulder injury. Her style is different from past experiences. While I have had deep tissue massage, her approach was subtle work in various areas relating to various areas and connections that worked towards creating an outcome that helped a lot. Nice individual and home studio set up for clients. Definitely would revisit when I'm back in area visiting family." ~Lance Rasmussen~


"Dannee Rodriguez is a real PRO at bodywork and healing.  She is caring and competent and is especially good at listening in order to determine your individual needs to give you the best treatment options.  She finds a way to help you prevent future problems by assisting you to become more independent from her, rather than dependent on her (for continually treatment).  She always helps you get better."  ~Jerry Krause, Ed D~


"Dannee is simply amazing! She will forever change your life. Many members of my family have been seeing her for years and have all had wonderful results from her healing abilities. To try and describe her talents does not give her any justice. The way she can read your energy and put you back into place is unlike any experience I've ever had. I would guarantee after 1 visit, you'd be hooked!" ~Megan Seehorn~


"Before I started working with Dannee, I had pain in my neck, back, hips...pretty much all of my joints ached because I was dealing with what I was told was osteoarthritis.  She helped me by listening to my symptoms, and she also pointed out that the effects of stress in my life have a cumulative effect on my physical symptoms. She has helped me deal with the aches and pains in my body by realigning and massaging and she has given pointers on releasing certain muscles to ease my discomfort. She has inspired me to eat healthy and shared the importance of exercise and continuing to be proactive in my overall health." ~Berly Scheidt~


"I have had many massages by many different people and I must say that NO ONE compares to Dannee. Honestly, she will change your life! She has a gift from God and is probably the most knowledgeable person I know when I comes to mind, body and spirit. She is very intuitive and is always keeping current with her profession. This lady is AMAZING and truly GIFTED with a healing touch and spirit!"  ~Leslie Bridges~


"Thank you!! And I must give a shout of Kudos to Dannee. Before I met her, I had tried several other massage therapists and more to help me relieve my "stress" as I'm hard on my body. She has been the only Therapist and True healer to help me keep healthy and stress at bay! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dannee - You Are Truly a Master at your Craft!! Highly Recommend to All who seek to "feel better" - she is beyond good!!"  ~Leslie Fuqua~


"Dannee Rodriguez does what others cannot. If you've got chronic pain and don't want to take meds, she can help you find the root cause. I used to think of Massage Therapy as a luxury; I've learned that is not so. She can help you; she helped me. She treats each of her customers with sincerity and respect. She is awesome!"  ~Jim Gull~


"She is amazing! Talented and compassionate--I will definitely go back!"  ~Jenny H~


"Dannee is the best! Knows how to fix the aches and pains greatly. Highly recommended! A great healer hands down." ~Victor Anderson~


"Incredible knowledge. Went in with immobilizing neck and back pain, with near full recovery between the first 2 sessions. Listens great and each session is very personalized." ~K~


"Dannee is incredible!" ~Catheleen Schlotter~


"Awesome, calming, relaxing; works on entire body mind and soul. I feel so much better every week after leaving. Thank you Dannee." ~Sonia Richardson~


"Dannee is amazing & really knows her stuff! I recommend her to everyone." ~Cassie T~


"Dannee's friendly professionalism made me feel comfortable and confident in my choice of massage therapist. She provides a calm atmosphere and a clean environment. Her knowledge of the human body and how to manipulate it is amazing. She is a healer." ~Tama R Bogert~


5 STARS ~Tami Chauvaud~


5 STARS ~Shannon Peterson~



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